Video Analytics

Artivision tightly integrates cross analytics functionality and pervasive face recognition with an enterprise-class video management platform, delivering powerful automated situational awareness for a variety of incidents, behaviors and individuals.

Artivision’s broad range of video analytics applications are designed to detect and alert for suspicious events and to generate transactional business intelligence data. Using distributed non-intrusive face recognition, Artivision enables automated identification and tracking of people of interest across large-scale environments. All these intelligent video capabilities are seamlessly embedded on edge and central video devices, and support standard IP and analog surveillance cameras.


  • detect suspicious events

Security operators are required to watch multiple surveillance cameras simultaneously. Artivision enables to automate detection, and filter out only the relevant incidents for further decision and action, thus transforming CCTV monitoring into a proactive process.

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  • generate transactional and business intelligence data

Surveillance video can be used to extract business information, such as queues, people and vehicle traffic data, for optimizing staffing and service point planning, improving productivity, and enhancing overall safety.

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  • reliable and accurate indoors and outdoors

Artivision’s analytics enable robust performance even under harsh weather and environmental conditions, using advanced object tracking, ambient motion cancellation and other false alarm filters. The analytics engine automatically adjusts to changes in the scene, effectively differentiating between environmental “noise” and true events

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